Project Description

Kokoro Gin was launched in 2016 by Founder James Nicol and his brother-in-law, Barry Darnell.

Kokoro London Dry Gin is small batch,distilled in London in a copper pot still with 9botanicals including its core ingredient, Japanese Sansho berries. The berries are hand-picked and imported from the Afan Woodland, a sustainable forest in the Nagano prefecture region of Japan.

Sansho berries, one of the world’s oldest seasonings, are used extensively in Japanese cuisine and have a distinctive citrus flavour with a warm pepper finish. The berries, combined with 8other botanicals, give Kokoro its unique flavour. The choice of botanicals was inspired by James’ uncle,the adventurer and explorerC.W. Nicol, known as Uncle Nic, who lives in the forest which he has helped restore and preserve for over 30 years. 10% of the profit from every bottle goes back to the Afan Woodland Trust to help continue his work.

The name Kokoro means heart in Japanese –the soul and essence of something. It perfectly describes the heart of the Japanese forest so important to James and his family.