Cotswolds Distillery

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Nestled in the Cotswolds countryside, Cotswolds Distillery is home to the award-winning Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky and Cotswolds Dry Gin, along with many other small batch releases including Cotswolds Old Tom Gin, Founder's Choice Single Malt Whisky and Peated Cask Single Malt Whisky. Founded by Daniel Szor in 2014, the distillery has been open to [...]



Vindome is a dynamic, new fine wine investment platform redefining wine investment by means of a modern and efficient app. Over the past 10 years, investment in fine wine has consistently seen higher returns than many other forms of investment. This fact, coupled with technological advances in wine production and a desire for supply chain [...]

J&B Rare Whisky


Steeped in history, J&B Rare is a blended Scotch whisky combining forty-two malt and grain whiskies in one smooth yet subtle blend. The heart of J&B Rare is formed from the finest Speyside malts, blended together before being returned to cask for a further three years’ maturation. A unique process of blending mastery, bringing together [...]

1689 Gin


Founders of the Amsterdam Craft Gin Company, Alexander Janssens and Patrick van der Peet, created Gin 1689 based on an original 300-year-old recipe from the time of King William III of England, also known as William of Orange, and Queen Mary II, found in the archives of the British Library. The founders spent two years [...]

Domaine du Météore


Ten thousand years ago, a meteorite struck a hillside in southern France. Today, Domaine du Météore vines grow within and around its crater. High up in the Languedoc mountains, the domaine spans the schist soils of Faugères and Saint-Chinian. Surrounded by garrigue with the scent of wild thyme, fennel and cistus, Domaine du Météore make [...]

London to Lima Gin – Mulberry and Coca Peruvian Liqueur


This gin represents a tradition of adventure. From the moment Alex (British) met Karena (Peruvian) they bonded through a shared passion for exploring the unknown. They aspired to create something that fused their respective backgrounds and heritages, as well as representing their journey together. As a consequence, London to Lima Gin was born!

Spirited Union Rum


The Spirited Union is a botanical rum distillery, on a mission to introduce a new approach to rum, one away from artificial aromas and sickly-sweet spirits. They have a flavour first approach working with nothing but the finest natural botanicals to create vibrant and exciting new tastes. You can enjoy their real and honest botanical [...]

Hedgepig Gin Liqueurs

Hedgepig was created by the team behind Pinkster Gin and is made  using fruit grown in local orchards or foraged from the East Anglian hedgerows, the liqueurs accompany cheese and desserts especially well.  Sugar levels are lower than many other fruit gin liqueurs, whilst the ABVs are higher. Zesty Elderflower is best served cold with [...]

Lowlander Beer


Lowlander Beer is an award-winning brewery from the Netherlands –literally the Low Lands. Each of its botanically brewed beers has a unique story and a unique flavour. Lowlander’s ‘Chief Botanical Officer’, Frederik Kampman, worked for years in breweries and gin and genever distilleries in both the Netherlands and internationally. ‘As soon as I got into [...]

Kokoro Gin

Kokoro Gin was launched in 2016 by Founder James Nicol and his brother-in-law, Barry Darnell. Kokoro London Dry Gin is small batch,distilled in London in a copper pot still with 9botanicals including its core ingredient, Japanese Sansho berries. The berries are hand-picked and imported from the Afan Woodland, a sustainable forest in the Nagano prefecture [...]